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Pixels of Fury Competition!


Musings and sketches to inspire. Changing the world one pixel at a time.

Pixels of Fury Competition!

Jess Kirkman

I am so proud to announce that last night I won the Shutterstock 2014 Pixels of Fury Competition in NYC!!
Take a look at the slideshow below (and the video below that) for all the visual highlights:

I was chosen among 5 other designers to compete in a LIVE design event in front of 500+ people with comedian Chuck Nice as the host (love him). Our challenge for the first round was to design a beer label. We had 20 minutes from start to finish to design against our competitors. It was extremely challenging and exciting all at the same time! Below is what I designed for the first round to get me to the finals:


I decided to try in a whole theme into my design, and the first thing that came to my punny mind was SHAKESbeer. Book covers were a huge influence for me with this design. And I think some of my copy was pretty clever too ;) #humblebrag

The night was super fun, I got to represent the female design community and it didn't hurt to win, either. I am feeling so grateful for the opportunity I had last night and hope to have more exciting moments like this in my career! (and check out the full story from Shutterstock here to see some of my competitors work)